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Grills, firepits, tables and chairs; these are just pieces of the puzzle.  When the pieces come together they create your unique outdoor living space.  Provide protection from the elements with a covered area allowing for finer furnishings, tvs, and art. 


Now you have a true year round space for entertaining and relaxing.  We create outdoor living areas that are attached to the home as well as free-standing out in the landscape or by the pool.

Our projects utilize the latest in design materials including; pavers, custom finished concrete, travertine, Leuders Limestone, raw and stainless steel, ceramic porcelain and glass tile, and numerous other types of natural stone.  

No two spaces are alike, and we feel the same about our custom pools.  If you just want the pool your neighbor has, you may be better off calling your neighbors pool builder.  If you are searching for a little more of a unique experience than the guys that build hundreds of pools a year, then we might be right for you.  Pools done right can be an incredible asset to your property, both visually and physically. 


Our goal is to give you the pool of your dreams, and create an environment worthy of that dream.  Uniqueness doesn't much more to build, but it is the fuel that feeds our passion to build.

The landscape surrounding the home or business is often the first thing someone notices.  Why not make a great first impression.  Whether you want to make a unique statement or just provide a welcome feeling, the landscape is where it all starts.  

The personal space within the landscape is usually where "the magic" happens.  Home or office, define this space as unique with your goals.  Patios, fountains, outdoor living spaces, and pools, don't complete the project.  The landscape that surrounds these elements are what ties it all together.  Green is what makes it all work, and no one brings it together like Star of Texas Landscape.


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